magic attack on ground units
magic attack on air units

Damage taken by Shaman (unarmored armor)

150% from piercing attack

Rifleman Dragonhawk Rider Troll Headhunter Wind Rider Kodo Beast Archer Faerie Dragon Dryad Crypt Fiend Gargoyle

150% from siege attack

Flying Machine Mortar Team Siege Engine Demolisher Raider Troll Batrider Glaive Thrower Mountain Giant Meat Wagon

100% from normal attack

Peasant Footman Spell Breaker Knight Peon Grunt Tauren Huntress Mountain Giant Druid of the Claw Acolyte Ghoul Abomination

100% from magic attack

Priest Sorceress Gryphon Rider Shaman Witch Doctor Spirit Walker Druid of the Talon Chimaera Necromancer Banshee Obsidian Statue Frost Wyrm Destroyer

Damage dealt by Shaman (magic attack on ground units)

200% to heavy armor

Footman Mortar Team Knight Grunt Tauren Glaive Thrower Druid of the Claw Ghoul Meat Wagon Obsidian Statue Abomination

100% to unarmored armor

Priest Sorceress Shaman Witch Doctor Kodo Beast Spirit Walker Huntress Druid of the Talon Dryad Necromancer Banshee

75% to medium armor

Peasant Rifleman Spell Breaker Peon Troll Headhunter Raider Wisp Archer Mountain Giant Acolyte Crypt Fiend

Damage dealt by Shaman (magic attack on air units)

200% to heavy armor

Flying Machine

125% to light armor

Dragonhawk Rider Gryphon Rider Wind Rider Troll Batrider Faerie Dragon Chimaera Frost Wyrm Hippogryph Rider Destroyer

100% to unarmored armor

Hippogryph Gargoyle