normal attack on ground units

Damage taken by Abomination (heavy armor)

200% from magic attack

Priest Sorceress Gryphon Rider

100% from normal attack

Peasant Footman Spell Breaker Knight

100% from piercing attack

Rifleman Dragonhawk Rider

100% from siege attack

Flying Machine Mortar Team Siege Engine

Damage dealt by Abomination (normal attack on ground units)

150% to medium armor

Peasant Rifleman Spell Breaker

100% to heavy armor

Footman Mortar Team Knight

100% to unarmored armor

Priest Sorceress

Damage dealt by Abomination (normal on webed air units)

100% to heavy armor

Flying Machine

100% to light armor

Dragonhawk Rider Gryphon Rider