normal attack on ground units

Damage taken by Abomination (heavy armor)

200% from magic attack

Necromancer Banshee Obsidian Statue Frost Wyrm Destroyer

100% from normal attack

Acolyte Ghoul Abomination

100% from piercing attack

Crypt Fiend Gargoyle

100% from siege attack

Meat Wagon

Damage dealt by Abomination (normal attack on ground units)

150% to medium armor

Acolyte Crypt Fiend

100% to heavy armor

Ghoul Meat Wagon Obsidian Statue Abomination

100% to unarmored armor

Necromancer Banshee

Damage dealt by Abomination (normal on webed air units)

100% to light armor

Frost Wyrm Destroyer

100% to unarmored armor